A Year of Gratitude

“Never squander an opportunity to tell someone you love or appreciate them.”

Every Sunday evening throughout 2015, I sat down to spend a half hour writing a letter to a loved one. Each letter centered on gratitude – my gratitude, specifically, for the friends and family who play such important roles in my life. Occasionally the letters were for something specific like “thanks for helping me with that project last week”; sometimes they were simply to say “we haven’t spoken in a bit but I love you”; and other times they were nothing more than a “thanks for being an impactful part of my life”.

I kept a journal detailing to whom I sent letters and each of their reactions to receiving one. A common theme throughout was that no one expected to open a handwritten letter created with no other purpose than to make him or her feel good. To me, that was the beauty of the entire exercise. Showing gratitude when it’s least expected can have the most positive impact on someone’s life, and all it took was thirty minutes of my day to spread a bit of joy.

Gratitude helps you to grow and expand. Gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and the lives of all those around you.  

I chose to spend 52 weeks writing 52 letters, resulting in one year full of gratitude, but whether it’s a letter, a text message, or a phone call, take a few seconds to share your gratitude with the world.



We want to hear from YOU! Tell us about what you’re thankful for and we will share those words of gratitude throughout the month!

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