30 Days of Thanksgiving

30 Days of Thanksgiving.

I believe that Facebook is a powerful tool to connect, educate, and empower people that often have no voice; however, I also know that Facebook can breed resentment, divisiveness, and unfairness, and it often encourages negativity. Given the tumultuous election cycle and my own various interpersonal interactions that have plagued the last several months, I found myself a victim to the latter. After some introspection, however, I realized I could, on my own, refocus that experience in a positive way. Facebook allows us to be the monarchs of our online experience. For me, this control empowered me to push positivity onto my own newsfeed by providing a public reminder of the many truly wonderful things about life that I often take for granted. Simultaneously, this experiment allows me to consider my own blessings, and it engages my readers to take a moment to do the same. The best thing about this mission? It is not a zero-sum effort. In other words, I don’t have to take away happiness from one person to give happiness to another. Everyone has something for which they can be grateful, so we all win!

Andrew Charles Wills




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