Sources of Strength Testimonial

Everyday life for many high schoolers involves challenges from one of these categories: social media, competition, and ambition. Many students face daily pressure not only to succeed academically, but also to maintain a healthy and active social life. For many students at McLean HS, including myself, the constant feeling of needing to be the best and most successful in every aspect, be it sports, academics, or extracurricular is one that fills the hallways. With McLean being a school that is highly regarded academically, there are many opportunities that are presented to the students. These opportunities however, also lead to competition which leads to higher ambition and eventually more stress. Not to mention, the pressure at home from parents for many students can also contribute to negatively affecting that child’s general happiness. In other schools, other challenges may include the need to build and maintain a social reputation. Whether it be how popular you are, how many followers on social media you have, your appearance, or even being peer pressured by the wrong crowd to do things which can negatively affect your life and those around you, high school life for many students can be anything but a stress reliever.

The Sources of Strength Program has been able to give students and kids of all ages a voice of reason, guidance, and a path in which they can succeed in life. The program has helped students approach these challenges with a new sense of empowerment, echoing the sentiments of hope, strength and help. The 8 spokes on the wheel used in the SOS Program helps influence the ways that kids can approach and solve each challenge they face in their everyday life with fortitude and determination. The use of positive mental health, family support, and positive friends can enable students to echo their problems and receive positive feedback which they can then carry into their daily lives. Mentors help give positive guidance to students and their difficulties. Students are able to talk and ask for help from these Mentors which can range from teachers and administrators to parents. A student can ease their worries and tension by giving, understanding, and receiving spirituality and generosity. Medical access and healthy activities provide therapy for students struggling with different obstacles in their life whether personal or school related. All in all, the life of a teenage student in high school can be made easier and less stressful through the use of the main mission and message given out from the Sources of Strength Program.

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